“Down by the back fence, the grass had grown wild;

On the electric pole nearby, thick vines intertwined;

The ditch beyond the fence had filled with rain,

And herons had taken to walking; where its

 water now incessantly in the fields would drain,


Sparrows hopped on the fence most of the day;

And in a shaded corner of the back yard;

The old man sat in his chair, watching them play;

And when the clouds gathered and the wind blew; 

The old man from behind his window glass

would watch the rain and the thunder pass;


This day, the sparrows played as before,

And the herons went about their daily chore;

But the house was silent and the chair empty,

The old man not to be seen any more;


Towards evening, a lone hawk sat on the roof,

Watching as the old man did; quiet and aloof,

Sometime later, it opened its wings and flew away,

As the Sun set slowly on yet another day”

images H 1


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