What would have been the scenario if the Dadri lynching had not been strongly protested against?

In the aftermath of the Dadri lynching, a union Minister and certain other prominent personalities associated with the ruling coalition and its affiliates downplayed the incident; while the Prime Minister chose to be silent even while tweeting on relatively inconsequential matters.

Now suppose there had been no return of awards, no strong protests by large numbers against the Dadri lynching and its implications. Suppose our countrymen had chosen to remain by and large silent or indifferent to the Dadri lynching in this backdrop where the conduct of the Central government definitely, at the bare least, failed to inspire confidence in condemning this lynching. What would have been the implications then? Wouldn’t it be correct to say that in that situation, killers such as that undertaking the Dadri lynching would have found fair encouragement and such lynching, with passage of time, would have spread.

This is the under-appreciated significance then of the strong protest in the aftermath of the Dadri lynching and its related episodes and events. This strong protest stood to be the INTERNAL CHECK so vitally required to contain acts amounting to terrorism by way of threatening, injuring or killing innocents ostensibly in the name or grounds of religion. Without such INTERNAL CHECKS, terrorism cannot be contained simply by way of police, military measures.

Armed men with rabid minds finding justification in killing innocents on ostensibly religion related grounds are difficult to stop as history has demonstrated. Armed measures – preventive or offensive – have again failed to contain terrorism in effective manner.

It are the INTERNAL CHECKS – such as recently witnessed in India – where large numbers of Hindus strongly protested against the Dadri lynching – which prevented, undoubtedly, such killings from going berserk.

Fundamentally, there is no difference between a person of religion “A” and a person of religion “B” who are willing to kill innocents on what they see as being justified on grounds related to their religion. Persons of different religions who have killed on grounds ostensibly related to their religion would willingly kill again on such grounds if opportunity availed. IT IS HERE THAT INTERNAL CHECKS HELPS TO KEEP SUCH PERSONS IN CHECK; – BY WAY OF  STRONG PROTESTS BY MEMBERS OF THEIR OWN RELIGION.

While armed preventive or offensive measures against terrorism are ongoing for some time; efforts on mobilising internal checks as in the sense stated above are still weak. The importance of India particularly arises in this context; –  at least in recent times, in the protest by large sections of Hindus against acts by Hindus, such as the Dadri lynching, which helps so much to check further such tragedies. Such nature of protest or INTERNAL CHECK has to be manifested UNIVERSALLY if killings of innocents on grounds ostensibly related to religion are to be avoided or effectively contained.

And here it is to be remembered that there is no justification whatsoever for the killing of any population or personality owing different or contrary nationality, religion, race or philosophy; wherever or in whatever manner; and all such killings have to be strongly condemned and resisted to the level best extent possible.  Humans born in this world remain entirely INNOCENT  when made targets of violence owing to their different or contrary nationality, religion, race or philosophy.

There can be no killing of innocents as a reprisal against killing of innocents elsewhere; as that only heightens the tragedy and the sacrifice of innocents over power games, feuds and conflicts becomes relentless and fervent. It are these power pursuits, feuds, conflicts that have to be battled against and wherever any killing of innocent takes place on grounds relating to such feuds, pursuits and conflicts; they have to be resisted as much by INTERNAL CHECKS, as in the sense above, as by anything else; if the killing of innocents is to be effectively stopped.



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