“So on his chest, the medal was pinned

as many a camera clicked,

The Brigadier Sahib called him that day

and told him what he had to say

when the TV crew would come the next day,

He was to say that he loved his motherland

and would die for it any day;


Next day, the cameras rolled

and they asked him what so called;

That fighting for the motherland,

He killed so many enemies single hand;


I don’t know much of motherland he said;

Our lands were sold in debt

and in employment, I was miserly paid;

As my parents grew weak and old,

we got deeper in moneylender’s hold;

So I joined the army,

Even though I could not kill

and once let a cobra go in my village fields,

rather than killing him as many will;

But the Captain Sahib was a good man,

He lent me money and gave me leave

and took care when I was badly ill;


That day we were in a charge bound

and were nearly through without harm,

When the Captain Sahib threw up his arm,

spun around and fell on the ground,

I ran to him, but blood trickled from his head

and soon the Captain Sahib was dead;


Enraged, I charged ahead of all,

Firing head on, I saw many an enemy fall,

Later on, they said that on that broken land,

I killed many of the enemy single hand;


And I can kill same or more again,

Not for any motherland;

But if a good woman or man is killed again

And if I am there with a gun in hand”


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