My name is Sanjay Kumar Singh and I am a practising lawyer living in NOIDA, near Delhi in India. As a lawyer, I specialise in Administrative & Constitutional Law; besides having a penchant for Trial Cross-Examinations!

I have been writing poetry from an early age and most of my such writings are intuitive in substance, prompted by the subconscious; rather than being deliberate.

I also write on other subjects that happen to be in my thoughts.

Most of the writings posted here stand to have been written sometime back; but its only now that I am transferring them to this blog.

What do I say about myself?

I am dearly attached to my wife Leena, my pet Labrador whose name is Phantom and my daughter Tiggle. They are my props, source of strength and inspiration.

But to my parents – Urmila and Krishna – I owe as much as I do to anyone else. Their love, upbringing and care is what laid my foundation. On the way, I have met lovely personalities who taught me in school and college and made me believe in myself.

I started my career as a civil servant, but resigned from civil service after a short stint. I studied law after resigning from civil service and have been a lawyer since then for the last 16 years.

My friends & well-wishers feel that I am somewhat bull-headed and something of a recluse. What I know is that the best thing in life is to have a clean conscience and have incessantly tried to achieve that.

But in a corruption ridden country such as India with heinous multiple prejudices dominating still considerable sections of society, as also given the increasing dominance of sheer materialism all over; pursuit of clean-conscience, while trying to help improve things, can land one into struggles, where mere survival often is precarious ! But I am grateful for such struggles I have undergone, for they taught and made me what I am today.

I would be turning 50 in about a month’s time. My entire philosophy, I find, has now crystallised to:  – TRUTH AND BEAUTY & their championing !

March 03, 2016

PS: If you like to further get in touch with me; my email is sunjay.kumar.singh@gmail.com

I would be happy to hear more from you !



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