[A young boy brings down a White Falcon with his air-rifle; but the Falcon wouldn’t die even when shot again & again…….

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“The spread wings with head high

Eclipsed even the endless sky;

Eyes in scorching majesty burnt,

Lit like thousand brilliant Lights;


Numbed was the young human mind,

At such splendor of so wounded a life,

That held death captive in its bind,

As if another prey in its glorious flight”



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 As expected, the BJP supporters have come out with crudely disguised statements and write-ups on the horribly shocking brutalisation of a horse recently by a BJP MLA. This devil in human shape – who otherwise stood to be an elected representative of the people – demonstrated what the increasing current trend of violence is.

In full public view, in the presence of policemen; this devil in human form attacked a hapless, innocent, defenceless animal with thick, heavy club and went on savagely hitting it till its leg was hopelessly, horribly and so agonisingly broken and bleeding. By doing so; the elected representative demonstrated yet once again what the elected representatives care for basic principles of humanism, law & order and public opinion.

Hard-core members and supporters of BJP today are hell-bent on showing that if criminalisation, inhumanity and violence could reach abject levels under the Congress during Emergency and during the anti-Sikh riots; then the hard-core BJP supporter is capable of matching and outdoing that as is proved by the Dadri lynching, the UP riots and the statements and other acts blatantly against the Constitution. Thank God, the massive protests against such criminal activities, including Dadri lynching, by large sections of the Indian population including the artists, writers and scientists who returned their awards had checked the onslaught of violence in the name of religion that hard-core BJP supporters seek to unleash.

This BJP MLA who so savagely brutalised the police horse “Shaktiman”, requiring part of its leg to be amputated, symbolises the utter viciousness and horror that such political supporters carry and are capable of unleashing. The look on that horse’s face, while being savaged and thereafter, is one of the saddest sights that one is likely to come across.

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As stated; there would be write-ups and statements which would crudely attempt to minimise the shocking impact generated by this horrible act by this BJP MLA. Such write-ups and statements would try to say that such instance is not the only one; and would say that there are other instances too which may not come to public light. And they would try to somehow drag in the secularists and the political rivals in the entire scenario.

Laughable; if such attempts would not have been horribly tragic otherwise.

If a murder or a rape is committed; is it justified or lessened in any way by instances of other murders or rapes? No, none at all.

No other instance of animal cruelty diminishes the horror of this brutalisation in full open public view in the presence of policemen of this magnificent horse by this savage in human form who stands to be an elected representative. Let there be no minimisation or lessening of this horror; if there is any shade of humanity present.

In fact, what makes this brutalisation of this police horse so revolting is that in doing so; this BJP MLA had no regard whatsoever for the policemen present, for the fact that this act may be captured and be put in the public domain; being perpetrated as it was in full open public view in the presence of considerable public; and this reflects the mindset of a number of supporters of the current central regime who think that by having their party in power at the Centre; the entire machinery and apparatus of law and order is captured and in their hands.

There is a war against cruelty to animals being fought by some; quite a few of whom are secularists. The Indian Army had a long drawn out practice of putting their service dogs, horses and mules to death if they could not provide active service for a duration of one month. This writer moved a writ petition in the Delhi High Court in the course of which it has transpired that this practice would be stopped and the army would arrange suitable facilities for retirement and rehabilitation of all its service animals. But the present writer is also a secularist. Why drag in secularists, and other political rivals in this horrible shocking act of brutalisation of this police horse by this creep in human form who otherwise stands to be an elected representative of the people.

In fact the present writer is against the slaughter of any animal for food. But then things are not easy to change overnight. A number of animals have been part of human diet for centuries unknown. The present writer would love to see the cow not being slaughtered for food. But the present writer would also love to see the goat not being slaughtered for food; the chicken not being slaughtered for food; the pig also not being slaughtered for food.

Why pick on the cow alone; why not try to defend the goat also? Just because the goat is the provider and “mother” to the poor and the poorest; whereas the cow generally tends to be owned by the not so poor and the rich.

As long as the slaughter of some animals is within the ambits of law; it cannot really be stopped as long as the law does not change in such regard. But this instance of the most revolting brutalisation of an innocent, hapless and defenceless animal by an elected representative of people in full public view in the presence of policemen in such shocking and savage manner is absolutely without any defence, mitigation or lessening and has to be treated so in damning and condemning it to the utmost extent possible.