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Bravo, now that is good,
You truly are a politician,
In keeping with the book!




sex in india

That other day when we got into the basement parking at our apartment complex and headed towards the lifts with my driver carrying some extra stuff in his hands that required lugging to our flat a few floors above; my eyes fell on three teenagers.

A boy and two girls.

I knew them slightly. The boy and one of the girls studied in class X at a nearby school. The other girl looked to be of the same age group as the other two.

As I passed them, one of the girls wished me and I responded back.

When we were inside the lift, our driver – quite chatty with me – said, “Sir, if you had seen these three in the basement yesterday doing what they were doing, you would not have been able to watch !”

I was mildly interested.

“What were they doing?” I asked him.

“I saw these three, sir, standing off to one side in the basement. One of the girls was keeping guard. And I just can’t tell you what the other girl and the boy were doing!”

Coitus flagrante – in a shady corner of the basement – looked to be too difficult for the boy and the girl in question given  that some degree of movement of persons was invariably there in the basement as a large number of vehicles found their parking there. So at best, the boy and the girl must have been kissing, touching and doing related things.

Idly, I wondered whether the kids could not have found a better place for themselves; for they were bound to be talked about unduly if witnessed by others.

The small conversation took my mind back a few years. At that time the Delhi Public School MMS thing was much in the news and I remembered a young girl – just out of school – remarking that there was no big deal to what the girl in the clip was doing, except that the girl had been stupid by getting filmed doing it.

The times surely are changing.

The young generation does seem to be more open-minded and guilt free on matters of sex. A welcome development, I would say. When we were teenagers, topics and matters of sex were so guilt-ridden and so roundly foreclosed that it was sheer torture as one’s sexuality progressed biologically!

Given these changes as evidently taking place, sex education – and related practical advice – becomes all the more important to have the younger generation avoid coming to harm. If this education is not provided in the schools as it should be; then I think it’s a must for us parents to undertake it.

What about our generation? The ones who are say 35 years and above.

About a month back, I joined a closed group on whatsApp of our school batch. Now, our age group of this school batch is heading towards 50s, though most of us would still be below 50. Now in a closed group of classmates; freedom of speech & expression tends to flow without inhibition between langotiya yaars !

And, obviously, going by the nature of exchanges and postings as also what can be seen in other similar closed social media groups; sex is heavy – quite heavy – on the mind of the Indian male of even somewhat advanced years!

Which brings us to certain probing questions.

Where is the ventilation then for the somewhat older Indian male for his still strong libido. A libido that looks strong enough to seek potential expressions beyond the marital confines !

Well, seeking expression of libido beyond the marital confines for the older Indian male – as with such males elsewhere – has strong risks. Some seem to be inclined towards taking the risk; some not.

But the libido of the older Indian male is definitely undoubtedly still strong. This brings to mind the requirement for giving the sex workers a legal status. Undoubtedly, there is a strong demand for sex workers in India and the number of sex workers is huge. Giving the sex workers a legal status with related regulatory framework would enable the matters of hygiene and welfare of sex workers to be looked at more closely, enabling more to be done on the same.

And what about the older Indian woman?

I remember once someone telling me about some working women planning to call a professional striptease guy – I didn’t know they existed here – and the guy responding on email as to the number of ladies that would be present.

“Sixteen”, wrote back the lady organising the event.

“Am I required to DO all the sixteen ?” The striptease professional wrote back.

“Heck, No ! No DOING to be done, just a full show of what you are supposed to be good at !” The organising lady reportedly wrote back.

In any case even the somewhat older Indian woman tends to reflect changes; being, at least, more prone to interacting with males as compared to earlier times.

No one would doubt that sex is a biological requirement. A strong biological requirement. The married life however has to balance it with other equally, IF NOT MORE, strong biological and social requirements such as the need for love, affection, mental comfort and solace that comes with the peaceful domestic and family life. A balance that some are able to manage, while others it seems are not!

But no doubt that sex – in noticeable segments & sections of Indian society – is receiving more rational treatment than what it was, say, 30-40 years back !