Somewhere in mountains high,

It is snowing again,

In soft soundless flakes,

As the snow leopard awakes.


Somewhere where the oceans heave,

The Orca bursts in wondrous leap,

Where the waves mingle and meet,

Under a night sky glistening sweet.


Somewhere in the jungles hidden and wild,

The tuskers bathe and spray in delight,

As the eagle owls take to sky and alight

On lingering trees sleeping mild.


In the swirling wispy mists,

The butterfly in groves of trees sleeps,

Opening it’s beautiful wings in dreams

To the surge of life within.








If ever I die,

That will only be a reprieve,

For I shall walk again and again

In mystifying forms of Life.


Keep the sparrows alive,

Chirping from tree to balcony,

And the beautiful butterfly,

That sips the nectar honey.


Keep the eagles soaring,

Kissing the Sun high

And the tigers roaring,

That gods bow to knees nigh.


Ah, the life that runs wild

Gambols, cascades, spirits

In fascinating forms of life.


Let them be alive

For if I ever die

That will only be a reprieve

For I shall come again and again

To walk the wonderful forms of life.




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It is not that I am uneducated,

In a decent subject have I graduated,

And also have a degree in law,

But these things can have their flaw


Nationalism, communism and jingoism,

And big fat books on humanism,

I don’t much know what they really say,

Even as others rage on them night and day


A mullaji is my left side neighbour,

One day, before his house, a mob did gather,

And all was in such great clamour,

Some with spear and some with dagger



Litti chokha I was eating in a dhaba nearby,

When I heard this rising cry,

Rushing back I told the mob, – hey bhai !

let’s first have litti chokha and some hot fry !



From the dhaba, the litti chokha was promptly brought,

Then with satiated bellies, some peace was sought,

They told me that mullaji was doing some converting,

I said but many starving belly too, daily he is feeding

And when the starving belly by charity is fed,

That charity more than religion it shall respect,

They left then doing nothing scary,

And mullaji still feeds many starving belly


So often now, everywhere, I hear these many,

Shouting how our country is better than any,

One day, in this hot-selling toddy shop,

I met this Mexican who was on a world hop

Soon, we were laughing, giggling and brothers in arms,

Raising toasts to god’s highest alms,

He told me of the version of toddy there in Mexico on tap,

And Mexico seems to be as good as the land here we have,

Then whether I am a nationalist or am I not ?

This question sometimes does trouble me lot



And then where I live, some go around as humanists,

And then there are others who are known as communists,

Of poverty, they would paint such pictures stark,

That often I thought how grand was their heart,

Till I learnt that inspite what they preach and say,

Their maids, drivers, cooks get the lowliest pay !


Nationalism, communism and jingoism,

And big fat books on humanism,

I don’t know much what they really say,

Even as others rage on them night and day




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You want to ride my ass,
Suck my big high tits,
And put in my mouth,
your little prick,
What will you pay
Sir, for all this?
No, that won’t do,
Shall I tell you what,
I shall strap on a dildo,
And ride your ass hard,
Then beat you with a stick,
Spit on you all over thick
What will you pay for this
You hideous fat pig ?
Bravo, now that is good,
You truly are a politician,
In keeping with the book!


Body on the pavement

Indian Parliament

(The spirit of the Indian Parliament has long been killed by the goons occupying it. A few good men & women but sit sentinels; to whom the majority of masses still listen.)


“On the pavement, the body lay;

Quiet and unmoving;

As people passed on their way;


They avoided its open eyes,

But the ants didn’t mind;

They took it as another enterprise;


Strangely, the dogs kept away;

Or was it because;

Stones sat sentinels where the body lay”


[A young boy brings down a White Falcon with his air-rifle; but the Falcon wouldn’t die even when shot again & again…….

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“The spread wings with head high

Eclipsed even the endless sky;

Eyes in scorching majesty burnt,

Lit like thousand brilliant Lights;


Numbed was the young human mind,

At such splendor of so wounded a life,

That held death captive in its bind,

As if another prey in its glorious flight”